128: Rob Porter, Domestic Violence & Mormonism

Natasha Helfer Parker leads a panel discussion with Jennifer Finlayson-Fife and Lisa Butterworth in regards to the recent news of Rob Porter’s ex-wives speaking up about the physical and emotional abuse they experienced in their marriages. The intersection of domestic violence and Mormonism is not often spoken about. Mormon leaders speak strongly against abusive relationships… and yet the lived experience of many Mormon women is that they are not readily believed when they go talk to their bishops. They are dismissed or are encouraged to stay with abusive partners; with “eternal marriage” being prioritized over current safety and quality of life. Not to mention initial responses from the likes of Senator Orrin Hatch and President Donald Trump that dismiss women’s allegations as coming from a place that is trying to destroy the reputation of whatever man is being accused.

*Quick note: there will not be a faith transitions event in KS City (which Natasha mentioned briefly in the introduction).

Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

Lisa Butterworth, LPC, NCC

On Rob Porter, Mormonism, and siding with the abuser by Jana Riess

Mormon bishops told ex-wives of former Hatch, White House staffer to consider his ‘career ambitions’ when they reported his physical abuse, they say

Jennie Willoughby: ‘President Trump Will Not Diminish My Truth’

We Must Do Better On Violence Against Women

I’ve Been a Mormon for 75 Years. Here’s What I Know About the Church and Assault.


The National Domestic Violence Hotline


Why does he do that?

Should I Stay or Should I Go: Surviving A Relationship with a Narcissist



Natasha Helfer Parker runs an online practice, Symmetry Solutions and writes at The Mormon Therapist for Patheos: Hosting the Conversation of Faith. She also hosts the popular podcasts, Mormon Mental Health & Mormon Sex Info and creates the sex educational resource, Sex Talk with Natasha.

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