Mormon Mental Health Podcast

Mormon Mental Health Podcast is an online mental health resource serving the Mormon community through hosting mental health podcasts produced specifically for a Mormon audience.

Mormon Mental Health Podcast was created in response to an increasing demand for an easy way to inform and connect Mormons seeking mental health information that address Mormon culture, Mormon beliefs, and the issues unique to Mormon family and community systems.

Mormon Mental Health Podcast is a service of the Open Stories Foundation.  Mormon Mental Health Podcast explicitly seeks to align all operations with the Open Stories Shared Values statement:

  1. We acknowledge the richness of Mormon heritage, teachings, and community in all of its diversity.
  2. We believe that one can self-identify as Mormon based on one’s genealogy, upbringing, beliefs, relationships, and other life experiences, regardless of one’s adherence or non-adherence to the teachings or doctrines of any religious organization.
  3. We seek spaces where we as Mormons can live lives of intellectual and spiritual integrity, individual conscience, and personal dignity.
  4. We acknowledge and honor different spiritual paths and modes of religious or non-religious truth-seeking. We respect the convictions of those who subscribe to ideas and beliefs that differ from our own.
  5. We recognize the confusion, distress, emotional trauma, and social ostracism that people on faith journeys often experience. We seek constructive ways of helping and supporting people, regardless of their ultimate decisions regarding church affiliation or activity.
  6. We affirm the inherent and equal worth of all human beings. We seek spaces where Mormons (and all people) can interact as equals regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. In this spirit of egalitarianism, we prefer non-authoritarian and non-hierarchical means of organization and affiliation.

Additionally, we endeavor to ensure that the projects we undertake 1) support individuals in Mormon-related faith crises, 2) save marriages, 3) heal families, and 4) celebrate, challenge, and advance Mormon culture in healthy ways.

Mormon Mental Health Podcast is not officially affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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