193: “And It Was Very Good” by “Earthly Parents”

Host Jeff Lundgren interviews “Earthly Parents” who wrote a book for his adult children, “And It Was Very Good: A Ladder-day Saints Guide to Lovemaking.” He writes the book in regards to comprehensive sexuality from a values perspective that fits within an LDS framing.

The guest goes by “Earthly Parents” to protect the privacy of his family and wife. As a parent, he writes to his children as what he wants his adult children to know about sexuality, especially going into marriage.

He talks about his background in Mormonism and then goes into the book including chapter 1 as “Our family’s Sexual Articles of Faith”.

He also shares experiences from readers after having read the book.

For a free copy, please email earthlyparents@gmail.com. You are welcome to share the PDF as well.

The book is also in audio form at Audible.com.

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Jeffrey Lungren, CMHC is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor specializing in men’s issues, relationships and couples, anxiety, depression, faith transitions, interfaith relationships, anger, and spirituality.  Jeff works with people of all ages, including families and older children and teens.

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