053: Current Repercussions of our Polygamous Past

10352199_10152685439858881_529959953215131049_nNatasha Helfer Parker interviews a top-notch panel, Lindsay Hansen-Park, Kristine Haglund, and Dr. Kristy Money for a panel discussion regarding the psychological, relational and cultural repercussions Mormons currently continue to wrestle with as they attempt to make sense of their polygamous past.  The panel explores many of the myths, folklore and doctrine still relevant in LDS communities today.  Even though the doctrine of polygamy was suspended back in the late 1800’s and polygamy is not practiced by members belonging to the mainstream church today, the doctrine was never revoked and is still found within the pages of Mormon scripture.  This leads to many members distancing themselves from the practice while still grappling with eternal possibilities and implications.  The panel explores how these dynamics currently play a role in many members’ marriages, divorces, re-marriages, etc.   This interview comes at at time when the church has released several official essays where the
history of polygamy is officially addressed at this level of detail for the first time since the Manifesto.  74939_492400254134360_1176090193_n

Lindsay Hansen-Park is the Assistant Director for the Sunstone Education Foundation and has been running a podcast series at Feminist Mormon Housewives called the Year of Polygamy where she shares insights on the exhaustive research she has done on the topic of Mormon polygamy.

Kristine Haglund is the current editor of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, a Mormon historian and cultural commentator.

1920631_10101311918032719_1703296475_nDr. Kristy Money is a psychologist who received her PhD from Brigham Young University and recently wrote an op-ed
for the Salt Lake Tribune called: LDS Church Should Make Clear Smith was Wrong to Take 14-year-old Wife


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