021: Heidi Nielson Packard’s Grief Journey Losing her Sister to Cancer

971989_10151632708288794_860465601_nNatasha Helfer Parker interviews Heidi Nielson Packard originally from Mesa, AZ, who currently lives in Georgia.  She is from a large, faithful Mormon family, went to BYU-Provo where she met her husband and now has 4 children.  She is currently in school finishing up her BA in History, looking forward to applying to graduate school next year and working towards her PhD.

Heidi speaks of her experience of losing her sister Charity, who was 2 years older than her, to a rare form of cancer while they were both in their 20’s.  The podcast explores the different conclusions members can come to as they go through the grieving processes looked at through the lens of Mormonism – recognizing that different people will find varying answers comforting – or not.  The hope is to validate the different responses to faith, God, religion and spirituality which can occur after tragic occurrences.  Heidi shares how her own faith and religious sensibilities were affected by her sister’s death.

Many thanks to The Lower Lights for the beautiful bumper music and to James Estrada of Oak Street Audio for audio production of this podcast.



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