“Coming Out” as Gay to Mormon Parents

Natasha Helfer Parker interviews J. Seth Anderson and his parents about what it was like for their family when Seth told them he was homosexual.

Seth is a community activist and self proclaimed local historian in Phoenix, Arizona. Born in Provo, UT, he grew up in Utah, California and Arizona. He plays piano, is a seminary graduate and served a mission in Samara, Russia. His day job is in ocean transportation and logistics, but the rest of his time is devoted to building community. He is currently working on a book about downtown Phoenix that will be released in November, he writes for the Downtown Phoenix Journal and for his own blog jsethanderson.com about downtown Phoenix history and politics, Mormon history and LGBT issues. He also a co-host of qTalk Arizona, Arizona’s only LGBT themed podcast. Seth lives by the motto, “don’t dream it, be it.”

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