Childhood Sexual Abuse with Dr. Barbara Morrell

In today’s interview, Natasha Helfer Parker interviews Dr. Barbara Morrell — a licensed psychologist working in the Brigham Young University Counselling and Psychological Services. She divides her time between doing psychotherapy and coordinating the Stress Management and Biofeedback Services. Her interest in and experience with treating childhood sexual abuse began during her masters program in 1985 working as a volunteer counselor with AMACs (Adults Molested as Children). She received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from BYU in 1997 and wrote her dissertation on adult men who had been sexually abused as children. Barbara began working in the BYU Counseling Center in 1996 and for many years was the sexual assault liaison between the center and the University Police, county law enforcement, and other agencies. Students who had been sexually assaulted were referred directly to her for immediate help and ongoing therapy. Dr. Morrell has served two LDS missions, one to Taiwan at the normal missionary age, and 10 years later she took a leave of absence from her work as a high school counselor for a second mission to Geneva Switzerland. She loves teaching in the Church and loved working for two years as a temple worker in the Provo temple.

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