187: Meet Jennifer White, a new host for MMH

Natasha is excited to have colleagues begin hosting episodes of Mormon Mental Health. This is to allow for more diverse voices and to bring you, the listener, more content.

Jennifer White will be one of the new hosts. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and has been employed professionally in the mental health field since 2005. Jennifer is proficient in helping adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Jennifer works with clients in a variety of environments, such as in the office, in-home, or online.

She is well known for creating a safe environment where clients share without the fear of being judged. Jennifer has a gift to help clients achieve their highest potential.

Jennifer enjoys being committed to the therapeutic process and is passionate about supporting her clients to heal, grow, and learn. She has a great love for people and respects different perspectives and cultural experiences.

Jennifer received a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science at Utah Valley University and a Masters Degree in Social Work at Brigham Young University.

You can find out more about Jennifer by going to https://www.symmetrysols.com/jennifer-white

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