173: “The Next Mormon: How Millennials are changing the LDS Church” from a Mental Health Perspective

Dr. Jana Reiss and Dr. Benjamin Knoll recently released a book about a survey they performed and the results, specially about Millennials. The book started 2011 when Dr. Reiss was interested in childhood and adolescents within Mormonism. But it then changed when Jana became interested in how those children are as adults, how the religion informed them and how those teachings in childhood might affect adult retention and religiosity. She then created a survey which was to see if there was intergenerational change and difference within the Mormon community itself. The book is a result of the survey. Natasha approaches the conversation from a mental health standpoint and, specifically, a faith transition standpoint (faith transition does not necessarily mean leaving the church).  Dr. Jana Reiss has a Doctorate in American Religion and is a Columnist for Religion News Service. Dr. Benjamin Knoll is a Political Science Professor at Center College in Kentucky. He specializes in politics and religion and specifically how we can understand religious and political behavior using public opinion surveys.

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Natasha Helfer Parker runs an online practice, Symmetry Solutions and writes at The Mormon Therapist for Patheos: Hosting the Conversation of Faith. She also hosts the popular podcasts, Mormon Mental Health & Mormon Sex Info and creates the sex educational resource, Sex Talk with Natasha.

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